Baby’s Laundry

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Babies make lots of mess...the corner of your house is filled with dirty nappies / diapers and their stained clothes. How to remove this strain...what kind of detergent can be used on the baby’s clothes? Baby’s clothes are to be carefully washed. The most important aspect to keep in mind before washing them..."the detergent of course!".

Baby’s clothes are to be washed with a soft and mild detergent. Soap is also recommended because it tends to have fewer additives that might irritate the baby’s skin. To avoid potential skin irritations, be sure the clothes are thoroughly rinsed. Even the stains can be removed by wetting the clothes, rubbing in a liquid detergent and rewashing. The function of a detergent is not only to remove dirt from the cloth, but while washing your baby’s clothes you’ve to be choosy in selecting a detergent which should not affect the child’s skin. 


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