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Newborn care

Newborn care

Baby Care

About 80% of newborn baby' require minimal care . normal term baby’s should be kept with their mother rather than in separate nursery .

Immediate baby care for a new born-

In this you will understand all the things that will happen just at the time of delivery


  • Providing the warmth to keep the newborn dry with adequate clothing
  • The mother should keep the baby at her side so the her body temperature can keep the baby warm
  • Bathing at first day is prevented as it can as it can lower the baby' body temperature
  • keeping the head of newborn covered

Breast Feeding

The baby should be provided with the breast milk within half hour of delivery or till mother has overcome the exertion of labour

Umbilical chord care

The chord stump will be kept clean and dry . topical antiseptic can be used if the baby is living in a highly contaminated area

Care for eyes

Eyes will be cleaned at birth and once every day with a sterile cotton swab soaked in sterile water or normal saline . separate swabs to be used for each eye

Clothing of the baby

The baby should be dressed in loose soft cotton cloths

Things to avoid which can harm the baby

  • Application of kajal in the eyes
  • Immediate bathing
  • Use of any unclean substance over umbilical cord
  • Use of pacifiers
  • Artificial feeding


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