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Listening and Responding to Children

Listening and Responding to Children

To be a parent is not much simple way, there include so many responsibilities over the child in order to protect and care for them. As a parent, one must ensure their child growing in well and best way of being responsible citizens in today's culture. The children are usually much more likely to spend most of their time with their parents, to understand them is much important thing to practice in the race.

While active listening is a good way to develop the best connection and also to improve your good communication with your child, which can help your child to make and improve their decisions making skills as well. It also lets your child know that as a parent you are much more interested in their talk as what he/she has to say.

To practice a session of active listening:

  • Try to give much more attention to your child as possible
  • Develop and make eye contact between them and to stop other things you are doing
  • Be your child’s partner from their studying to their playing session, if possible, come down on your child’s level

While once you pay attention to your child, it becomes much wellness for the quality in the development of their life, as a parent you are much responsible in all the way to take them ahead in bright future. Be the good lister of your child as all possible, create a completely free zone of the network between your child for to get closer and easier communication around you and between them. Once the child becomes much flexible with their parents, they are the ones who will tell everything to you of their daily routines to the moments what happened on the day, be the good listener is much important to grow your child in much responsible and disciple manner to the society.

In general, the situation can be tempting to vanish off our children’s actual problems, where in-state especially when we are busy or had a bad day. But in case our children must need to know and understand that we are anyway going to listen to their talk, they must be confident about the bond of partnership zone. This situation where it will make much more likely our children will talk with us with much freedom and be connected to talk about their hopes and problems when they are older.


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