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Parenting Tips

Parenting Tips

Parenting is basically a process of raising a child from birth until adulthood.

Types of parenting

Authorative Parenting

  • In this kind of parenting the parents teach a child about a give and take nature.
  • They in courage children to be independent but still places limits at the place needed to protect their child
  • This kind of parents place a demand of maturity and sets limits but while punishing they explain the child the motive behind it
  • Parents are attentive of their children needs and typically forgive the kid and teaches instead of just punishing them
  • This kind of parenting results in having a kid with higher self esteem and independent
  • Most recommended type of parenting style by experts

Authoritarian Parenting

  • This is a type of strict parenting
  • In this type of parenting the parents advice their child to follow their directions
  • The parents expect much of their child but do not explain to them the reason behind the rules and boundaries
  • They are less responsive to the child and most likely punish a child rather then discuss a problem
  • Results in an unhappy anxious child with low self confidence , the kid might lack initiative and depend on others

Permissive Parenting

  • The parents tend to give up most control of home and family to their children
  • Parents don't make much rules neither enforce the already made properly
  • Wants the kids to feel as of they are free to do as they wish
  • Results in kid who might turn out to be selfish and unmotivated with the tendency to depend on others,
  • The kid may demand frequent attention and can be disobedient and impulsive

Neglectful Parenting

  • The parents are usually uninvolved , detached , dismissive or hands off
  • Parents are low in warmth and control and are generally not involved in child's life
  • Emotionally unsupportive parents but do provide there required basic needs
  • Resulting in kid who is disobedient and demanding with low self control and low tolerance

Above you read about the different parenting styles so that you can understand under which category u fall into

Now lets come to the core parenting skills u need to groom your child

  • Promoting positive relationships
  • Brief quality time, talking to children and affection
  • Encouraging desirable behavior
  • Praise, positive attention, engaging activities
  • Teaching new skills and behavior
  • Modelling, incidental teaching, ask say do, behavior charts
  • Managing misbehavior
  • Ground rules, directed discussion, planned ignoring, clear, calm instruction, logical consequences, quiet time, time-out

Things to keep in mind for positive parenting if you have a TODDLER

  • Talk to your baby, as your voice soothes their mind
  • When your kid is making sound, answer him by repeating or adding words. this will help him learn the language
  • Read to your baby, this will help them develop and understand languaige and sounds.
  • Lay or sing music, this helps the kid develop a love for music and math
  • Praise your baby and give them attention
  • Spend time cuddling and holding the baby, this helps them to feel secure and cared for

Positive parenting points of children and adults

There should be a safe and engaging environment for the kids where they can engage themselves in different activities

Positive learning environment where the parents welcome their kids mistakes and make them understand calmly what is write and wrong

Use assertive discipline - the parents set some ground rules which the kid must follow . there should be a positive recognition if the kid is following them by

Appreciating them . if you find the kid not following the rules , you can punish them in a learning manner where it explained to the kid why

They are getting punished.

Have realistic expectations - the parents should not expect more than what the child can do and put their unrealistic expectations over the kids shoulder

  • Taking care of yourself as a parent
  • Improve your fitness and health
  • Think positive and feel well
  • Enhance your productivity and creativity
  • Develop your social skill
  • Live a conscious and meaningful life

Now lets come to the part where parents are confused how they should be disciplining the kid in a right manner

  • Distraction - distract a misbehaving child and offer some different activity and move the forbidden object out of child's reach
  • Positive language - avoid saying no too often or the word will loose its impact . safe it for important times like safety issues
  • Consistency - let them know your limits . enforce your rules same way every time so that you gain mutual trust through consistent behavior
  • Appreciative inquiry - appreciate your kid's feedback , questions and comment.
  • Praise - honestly praise your children for progress and good behavior and celebrate their small achievements
  • Empowerment -encourage your kid to solve problem themselves . ask open ended questions and teach them to focus on the entire situation instead of just some part of the problem
  • Model behavior -lead and educate by example , work on your own project . the kids admire the elders and replicates there behavior
  • Right environment - make sure that the kid has their own place to learn , separate from the rest of the house , away from distraction like TV .

Lets find out some tips like peaceful sundays, childs play, smart art, vegetables, food games, little workers, rainy day fun, diversionary tactis

Peaceful Sundays

To avoid Sunday morning hassles - when you or your spouse want to spend some quiet time with the newspaper, while your youngster wants attention, remove the comics section from the paper, roll it and tie it. Present it to your child as his or her very own paper.

Child’s Play

When the neighbourhood children come over to visit, one problem invariably occurs - they all want to play with the same toy. Buy a portable timer with a buzzer and explain that each child can play with the favoured toy for ten minutes before passing it to the next one in line when the buzzer sounds.

Smart Art

Save liquid shoe polish bottles with daubers. They make wonderful paint sets for small children. Fill each bottle with a different colour and use daubers instead of paint brushes.

Eat Your Vegetables

To make vegetables more tempting to a picky eater, serve finger-size pieces of fresh vegetables with a small cup of salad dressing’dip’. The detestable vegetables are transformed into party food.

Food Games

In the car on the way to the store, you can control your restless one by making up a song about the foods you’re going to buy, or play a guessing game involving some of the items on your shopping list - ‘I’m thinking of a vegetable that looks like little trees...’, ‘I’m thinking of something that you put on toast and it rhymes with ham...’.

Little Workers

When you need to wash the car and your kids want to participate, fill a small pail with soapy water and give them some old paint brushes so they can paint the car clean. Fun for kids.

Rainy Day Fun

Let your children invite one or two friends over for a ‘Rainy Day Picnic’. Set up a picnic table using a blanket on the floor and paper goods. Serve popcorn, snacks and fruit juice. Tell stories and sing songs.

Diversionary Tactics

If you arrive home with cranky kids and several bags of groceries to be put away, try these tactics. Let the children participate in putting things away on the lower shelves. Then give them the paper bags to make into masks or paper boats. Supermarket treats don’t have to be candy, gum or books.


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