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Surrogate Pregnancy

Surrogate Pregnancy

Gestational surrogacy has nowadays become much common where many couples go through various strategies events to get in pregnant. Where this process of surrogate pregnancy can help them for their happiness resulting. This process is one of the only ways which there to become a parent, this methodology has helped many couples who were childless, and this method of the process can be processed further via a surrogacy pregnancy.

This practice of surrogacy now became helpful for most of the parents, where this process has a higher level of success rates with best results positive in different parts of the world, in here it was practiced, and much especially in the United States of America.

While this type of surrogacy pregnancy which actually means by its name is a process in which another woman takes part where she agrees to carry the baby of the intended parents, in which after the moths the baby was delivered to the parents by the women. There undergo so many processes, where after the baby birth the birth mother should process to authorizes and legalizes the intended parents to be a formal guardian of that child, and no more right the birth mother has with the child was signed. The birth mother can give the formal kind of custody to the child of the intended parents.

Types of Surrogacy Pregnancy

Surrogacy pregnancy can be broadly classified are of its two types method which involves the Traditional Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy.

Traditional Surrogacy: In this type of traditional surrogacy, the egg of the women utilized for the process to take further to get in for fertilization was belonged to the surrogate person, the process whereby making a biological connection of link between the surrogate mother and the child

Gestational Surrogacy In the type of process the gestational surrogacy, the women’s eggs from the parent of the intended mother is used to the processor in case it can be from the egg donor which is used to undergo the fertilization with the sperm of the intended father or the person who is a sperm donor

Eligibility criteria for the surrogacy pregnancy process

This method undergoes various processes where not everyone can enter into the surrogacy agreements can perform. It also depends from region to region wherein some states don’t allow the foreign nationals to undergo the surrogate the agreement states that it must be processed in their own country like India.

While some countries that don’t allow this methodology to carry on by single parents or homosexuals were in case to be a part of this pregnancy agreement. Countries like Georgia and Ukraine do not accept this technique of an agreement to undergo.


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